5 ways to optimise your sleep

1 – Optimise your sleep-wake cycle

Going to bed and Waking up at the same time each day. This keeps our mind and body on the same page and makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up each day.

Circadian Rhythm Infographic

2 – Limit nicotine & alcohol consumption

Both Nicotine and alcohol have detrimental effects on both the duration and the quality of our sleep. Which results in the inhibition and muting of numerous reparative processes that occur during sleep.

3 – Take time to relax

Taking some quality time to unwind after a long day and letting your mind relax will also help you drift off to sleep easier. Listen to music, read a book, meditate etc.

Relax & unwind

4 – Dim the lights

Keep it cool, dark and gadget free. These three tips are all powerful cues that tell our brain its time to sleep. If its hot, light or we are staring at the clock our brain is bombarded with signals to stay awake.

5 – Eat your dinner early

Having large meals and certain medications can actually have profound effects on sleep. Have your last meal a few hours before bed and ask your doctor/pharmacist if any of your medications could be contributing to your insomnia. 




At Gold Coast Health and Performance we operate under trauma-informed care (TIC) principles. Trauma-informed care approaches patients’ healthcare needs in a manner that takes into account any trauma that they may have experienced. A key goal of trauma-informed care is to prevent any re-traumatisation that could prevent patients from continuing to seek care.

Self-Empowerment Tips for Living with a Chronic Illness

Self-Empowerment Tips for Living with a Chronic Illness

For those of us who are battling chronic illness, it can be easy to fall deep into the feelings of helplessness and frustration. While it may feel like you don’t have control of your condition/illness, you do have the power to take charge of your health journey in many ways. The following tips will show you how to take control of your wellbeing and maximise your recovery.