Our mission at Gold Coast Health & Performance is to ensure you receive the best overall care for your physical and mental health. Our practitioners will take their time with you to ensure you are heard and understood.


As Accredited Exercise Physiologists, our role is to clinically prescribe exercise for the management of chronic disease, injury and mental health. At GCHP we have a strong passion for ensuring every member in our community has access to this type of service and education whether in the gym, at home or simply as a guiding tool towards better health.





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Nickname – Andy
Home Town – Caboolture, QLD
Current – Kirra, QLD
Coffee Order – Long Black/Iced Long Black
Sport – Basketball, Golf, Cricket, Swimming, NFL, NRL

Why I Became an EP

To be honest, I became an AEP because I enjoy being active and the concept of proactive health care…and my best mate also wanted to, so we did! It was only after working in the field that I developed the passion and dedication I have now.
Passion develops when you see the significant health gaps in people’s lives that start from an early age. I was so fortunate that growing up my parents always kept me outside, eating a healthy (but quite large) diet, and pushing me to be my best in education.
Now I hope to advance our understanding of the human experience, and that as health professionals we need to do more to improve our capacity to listen, communicate, and develop plans that are aligned with what YOU want, not what we think you should be doing.
Our preference is obviously to combine regular physical activity and some strength training so that you can keep doing the activities and behaviours that bring you the most joy. But we also know the impact of adversity, socio-cultural contexts, and trauma can have on your capacity to start or maintain this journey. So find health professionals, friends, and family that genuinely support you and your goals.

My 2020 Health and Wellness Goals

  • Becoming the best version of myself to be a first time father
  • Dunk a basketball!
  • Reduce my risk to sports related injuries while playing basketball
  • Introduce yoga and swimming in to my weekly program
  • Maintain mindset and clarity towards my mental wellness
Bri Keary


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Nickname – Brizzo
Home Town – Adelaide, SA
Current – Gold Coast Hinterlands
Coffee Order – Flat white
Sport – Weight training, TRL

Why I Became an EP

Since middle school I’ve been deeply curious about the human mind and body. Biology was my favourite subject and I’ve always loved experimenting with different gym-based training programs. After graduating I began a Bachelor of Exercise Science at university and for the next few years, I had no idea what I wanted to be, I just loved learning about health! I did know however, that I wanted to work closely with individuals to help them live the healthiest and happiest lives possible, so when I found out about Exercise Physiology, I knew it was my calling.


By the time I was a qualified EP, I’d known the GCHP team for a while and it was my ultimate goal to score a job with them! I’m lucky enough to currently be living out that dream with a company that shares the same values and passions as me. My promise now as a clinician is to never stop learning and do whatever I can to contribute to a healthier, more mindful world.

My 2022 Health and Wellness Goals

  • Uphold my consistency with weight training
  • Practice mindfulness at least once a day
  • Reach a new deadlift PB
  • Constantly practice a healthy work-life balance that will allow me to perform to the best of my abilities