Our mission at Gold Coast Health & Performance is to ensure you receive the best overall care for your physical and mental health. Our practitioners will take their time with you to ensure you are heard and understood.


As Accredited Exercise Physiologists, our role is to clinically prescribe exercise for the management of chronic disease, injury and mental health. At GCHP we have a strong passion for ensuring every member in our community has access to this type of service and education whether in the gym, at home or simply as a guiding tool towards better health.




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Nickname – Andy
Home Town – Caboolture, QLD
Current – Kirra, QLD
Coffee Order – Long Black/Iced Long Black
Sport – Basketball, Golf, Cricket, Swimming, NFL, NRL

Why I Became an EP
All through High School I loved sports like basketball and cricket. I thrived in the subject ‘Physical Education’ ending year 12 at no.1 for the school and receiving the Pierre de Coubertin award for sports and academics. So I went to the Queensland University of Technology to become an Exercise Physiologist. Like with most students you wonder whether you made the correct decision for your future but it was during my practicum placements that I found absolute passion and joy working with clients to achieve their health and wellness goals.

I spend my days laughing, educating and training with clients who want change in their lives. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist!

My 2020 Health and Wellness Goals

  • Becoming the best version of myself to be a first time father
  • Dunk a basketball!
  • Reduce my risk to sports related injuries while playing basketball
  • Introduce yoga and swimming in to my weekly program
  • Maintain mindset and clarity towards my mental wellness


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Nickname – “Claps”/Branny
Home Town – Wingham, NSW
Current – Coomera, QLD
Coffee Order – Long Black/Iced Long Black
Sport – Basketball, NRL

Why I Became an EP

My passion for health and fitness began in my high school years where I was quite shy and concealed for the most part, I would avoid meeting new people and trying new things because I lacked the self confidence to even want to try. I suffered from bulimia and had quite a negative outlook on my body. 

It was only once a group of friends and I decided to join a local gym that I found something that sparked a drive in me, it not only brought me closer to my friends and gave me something to work towards and eventually master, but that sense of achievement/mastery was so powerful for me that even way back then I thought to myself, “if I can give even 10% of that feeling to someone else, and change their life the way it has done for me, then that’s what I want to do with my life”. Since then I picked up every class that was related to sports and movement in highschool, moved away from home to study 4 years of Exercise Science at Griffith University, and even now I plan to continue my professional development outside of uni in any way that makes me a better practitioner, coach and mentor to help my clients become the best version of themselves.

My 2020 Health and Wellness Goals

  • Improving my movement efficiency after past injuries
  • Reach new PB’s of Strength and Power in the Gym
  • Strive to continue my learning and growth as both a Practitioner and Coach
  • Start practicing some form of Martial Art + Join a social Basketball group
  • Every month schedule in days to spend doing the things I love with the people I love 
  • Continue to promote Health and Wellness to my community through Nutrition, Exercise/Movement and Mindfulness